Monday, 8 November 2010

High Adventure

Yesterday, Sunday 7th November, was a very exciting day for me.  It was the first meeting of the Nepal Trek group.  I got to meet the people that I will be spending a few weeks with next year trekking through Nepal to see the world's highest mountain, Everest (just in case you weren't sure!)

We'll be doing it for charity and I'll be posting more details about this soon, as well as all the preparations that we'll be going through to get us ready for the trek.  For now though I'll whet your appetite with a picture of the great mountain itself:


  1. Wow, sounds exciting ~ which charity are you doing it for?
    My next challeng 2012 treking in Peru for St B's

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm going to be doing it for Nepal Schools Aid. I really can't wait. Will post more details soon. Peru sounds great. Will you be going to Machu Pichu?