Monday, 8 November 2010

The CLD Christmas Weight Challenge - Week 2

Yep, it's the second of the 8 week challenge and a very wet and windy Monday started with the weigh in.  I've had a good week, stayed off the booze, cut down on the cakes and biscuits and had some planned (and unplanned, thanks to Brighton Hospital!) exercise so I was really expecting to lose some weight.  The question is, just how much had I lost?

The Jenga blocks were laid, the scales placed on top.  I stood on and watched the dial spin round.  13st 7lb!  This meant I lost 5lb this week.  Quite a feat!  I have to admit that I was wearing my jeans at the first weigh in so that probably accounts for about 2lb so 3lb for a week sounds great.

Now on to week 2.  Plans for this week include keeping the cakes and biscuits down and more on the Wii.

I'll keep you posted!

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