Monday, 1 November 2010

The CLD Christmas Weight Challenge

Today saw the launch of the first (and quite possibly only) CLD Christmas Weight Challenge.  For those of you worried about acronyms, CLD is Corporate Learning & Development, the part of West Sussex County Council I work in.  There are 4 of us in it at the moment but a couple of people weren't around so there may be more soon. 

I'm taking the brave step of publicising my involvement because, let's be honest, this Blake has got a little bit bloaty in his old age (just check out the profile pic!).  One way of sticking to goals to share them with friends and family:
" is a well-known tenant of goal-setting that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you tell your family and friends about them. Not only will you want to avoid looking inconsistent for abandoning a goal, but their support and assistance can be invaluable..."

So, I want to stick to this and to make life more interesting, I'm sharing it with you.  I'll even go as far as telling you my start weight.  Although now I've actually said that it does seem a little hard to type it.  Ok, here goes: (bear in mind I was fully dressed and had eaten!) 13st 12lb.  I know, shocking!  That means my BMI is 27.5.  Yes folks I'm officially overweight.

But enough, the change starts here!  I even got the Wii out, loaded up the Wii Fit and did some exercise!

According to the BBC: "A sensible rate of weight loss is around 0.5kg to 1kg (1lb to 2lb) a week." So 2lb a week for 8 weeks makes 16lb.  That's my main goal, to lose 16lb by the end of our challenge.  My first goal is to lose 2lb by next Monday.

It's going to be tough because I'm really going to miss the red wine, chocolate, cakes and biscuits!  But I know it's important to get this right, to get healthy.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good Luck Andy ~ it can be done I have lost 22lbs over the past year. Yes you can still drink red wine, but by the glass and not the bottle.