Monday, 6 December 2010

The CLD Christmas Weight Challenge - Week 6

Wow, what a week.  Snow, snow and more snow with a little bit of sleet and ice thrown in.  Got to be honest though, it was pretty good for the diet.

Thursday saw me donning the parker and walking the 2.5 mile route to work in the snow, in 50 minutes.  The getting there in the morning was the easy part!  Of course, if I'd thought it through I would have realised that walking back again in the evening might have been a bit more challenging.  Still, all in a good cause right?

Sunday saw me walk another 6 miles as part of the Nepal Trek team in more snow, ice and slush (I'll be posting more about that on my trek blog).  One week, 11 miles.  Got to have been good!  Turned out that actually, yes it was because when I got on those scales this morning another 2lbs had been shed.  That's right people, in 6 weeks I have lost 1 stone!  Yay me!!

Now that I've lost this weight, how do I keep motivated to keep it off and keep losing a sensible amount?  Well I found this little article that just might help:

Weight Loss Motivation - How To Get It And Keep It

These days it seems like everyone wants to lose weight. Whether it be for appearance issues or health reasons, it is becoming quite the trend. But we all know that it is not always easy to lose weight.

Weight loss motivation is one of the hardest types of motivation to acquire. Why is that? First of all we need to have food to survive. It is not something that we can just put away and never pick it up again. So healthy eating is one goal that we need to set for ourselves. This goal will give us a tool to weight loss motivation.

Another goal that we need to set is for exercise. You can't just cut down the food intake, you also need to exercise and raise your metabolism rate. One mistake that people make when trying to lose weight is that they deprive themselves of all the foods that they love. Wrong! You can have anything in moderation.

If you try to deprive yourself of the foods that you love, it will back fire on you and you will end up eating more than normal. Also, it will de-motivate you if you have the mindset that you can never have that favorite piece of chocolate cake again!

So setting goals is probably the first step in weight loss motivation. Set realistic goals for yourself. If you think that you can realistically stand to lose 15 pounds then write it down. If you think that you can start that goal by running 1 mile per day, then write it down. Maybe you can only walk 1/2 mile per day.

Whatever you think you can do realistically, will be your new goals. Just do not set them too high. Make sure that they are goals that are possible to meet.

It is a good idea to write the goals down and keep them where you can look at them daily. This will remind you of what is important to you and why you are wanting to achieve weight loss motivation.

Reward yourself when you lose a pound or two. Pat yourself on the back, buy a new sweater, or do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better (no food rewards, though!) A reward must be something that you desire. If it isn't, then it is not a reward and it will serve no purpose.

Out of all the reasons to get motivated, such as financial gains, workplace motivation, etc. Weight loss motivation seems to be the one most sought after and the most difficult to obtain. It can be done. It will eventually become a habit to do the morning workouts and replace the old habits in your life.


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